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The G.Y.M. was designed with YOUR motivation in mind. The G.Y.M. is a personalized training facility that caters to YOUR personal needs.

Have you ever signed up for a gym and wandered around trying to figure out what to do, and doing the same things every time you are there? Did you ever just wish someone would help you with technique or learn how to put a workout together? At The G.Y.M. you will receive the attention you need to get results. No matter what reason you decided to sign up, whether you just want to lose weight, or you are an elite athlete wanting to reach the pinnacle of your athletic career, The G.Y.M. is here for you.

When you sign up at The G.Y.M. you automatically receive personal attention. You will choose a category that best describes your goals and motivations, and you will be allotted time frames to workout alongside others with the same goals and motivations as you. These time frames are set in place to keep you on schedule and committed to your goals.

Are you wanting to lose some weight, but don't want to workout next to some guy pounding the weights? No the G.Y.M. you will 'get your motivation' from working out at a time frame where everyone else working out around you is there for the same reasons.

Never again will you feel like you don't belong at the gym, The G.Y.M. is YOUR gym, where you are greeted by name and your goals become our goals.

The G.Y.M. also offers personal training... however, when you sign up for a one hour training session, you will have your trainer, Vicci King, and the G.Y.M. all to yourself... TRUE personal training. Vicci King is a world-class trainer who has guaranteed results.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Vicci will be available during your workouts for assistance in technique, proper use of equipment, nutrition guidance, and routine advice... oh, and that extra push we all need during workouts. She will also provide a workout for you every time you come in just in case you don't have a workout prepared.

You may also want to take advantage of the different classes, small group training, boot camps, nutrition counseling, and sport specific training that The G.Y.M. has to offer.

The G.Y.M. offers Seniors and Military (non-active and active) discounts!

Wait, it gets better! Do you have a sports group or team, or even a business that would like to rent the entire facility just for your athletes or employees? You may also have our trainer come to your venue to work with your athletes, or employees. We also allow independent contracting for massage and trainers who are looking for a facility to get your clients to their goals. The G.Y.M. is here for all your training needs.

The possibilities are endless at The G.Y.M., where you will Get Your Motivation!